Capespan farms

During July as well as September 2019 additional assistance was obtained from the Department of Health in the ZFM district, when a first ‘start of season’ screening campaign was conducted on six of Capespan’s eight farms (Blouputs and Kakamas regions), to assist the Capespan nurses with the influx of some 800+ migrant farm workers arriving on six of the then eight Capespan Farms located in this area.

During 2019 Capespan and other large commercial Table Grape Production farms (stakeholders) met four times in the ZFM district and once in the Namaqua district with the Department of Health, to agree on Standard Operating Procedures and to ensure distribution of medicines, medical waste disposal and other operational requirements stipulated in the MOU.

Vegetable tunnels located on Oorkant, Arendsnes, Zeekoesteek Dormell and Valentin, Vrede and Noudonsies farms in the Northern Cape continued to produce two harvests since January 2019, produces vegetables as dietary supplements to the farm worker community (defined as preventative health care initiatives).

In September 2019, Blue Hand partnered with the Waitrose Foundation to establish seven Vegetable tunnels at Valam Omdraai and four at Norriseep farms. An additional one tunnel was positioned in the local Lutzburg residential community, located near Oorkant and Valam Omdraai farms, to the benefit of a community pre-school centre, accommodating some 70 children of farm workers.