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Your reliable partner in the supply of fresh fruit.

Capespan is a leading integrated and diversified fruit grower, packer and distributor of fresh fruit across the globe.

Our Commitment

Capespan is a leading global distributor, marketer, and producer of fresh produce. We deliver our quality fruit brands year-round to markets worldwide. Capespan is focused on the needs of its grower partners as well as its market clients by connecting producers and retailers as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. In facilitating closer connection between both ends of the supply chain, Capespan seeks to provide value to market customers while generating superior returns for producers.

The Capespan Promise

To our grower partners, we deliver solution-driven market access to market customers worldwide. To our retail customers, we deliver quality products packed strictly to specification.

We deliver.


At Capespan, we find supply solutions for our market customers. In meeting each customer’s unique needs, we strive to reduce touch points and eliminate unnecessary handling along the supply chain. This reduces costs while improving the quality of product delivered. In the complex world of perishable fruit, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Capespan’s unique, proprietary technology platform allows us to plan and execute faster and with greater simplicity and consistency than any other supplier.

Where Capespan Sources and Supplies

We source quality fruit from our own farms in Namibia and South Africa as well as from trusted suppliers in Chile, Egypt, Spain, Peru, India, Brazil and Mexico. We market fresh fruit to our global customers throughout the year.

Capespan North America is one of North America’s leading importers and marketers of fresh fruit.

Press Releases, Latest News, Updates

Capespan’s Foundation offers support to needy families during Covid-19.

29 MAY 2020


Your reliable partner in the supply of fresh fruit. Capespan’s strong strategic partnerships provide our customers with competitive advantages in product quality, supply security, cost-efficiency, supply chain management, and transparency.



We adapt our brand strategies to each customer and geographic region, enriching the brand experience. Capespan’s corporate expertise supports distinctive consumer brands with a rich heritage.

In every corner of the world, the names Cape, Outspan and Goldland are recognized by consumers as the hallmarks of quality fresh fruit. In addition to these brands, Outspan Gems will represent our soft citrus offering.

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