In addition to fruit from our supplier partners, Capespan Farms represent our own fruit production.

 Capespan owns 10 farms and production units in Southern Africa, focussed on Capespan’s three core commodities: grapes, citrus and pome fruit.

Capespan farms

What We Offer

Farming our own core product in strategic areas not only complements our fruit basket offer, but also ensures a secure and sustainable 12-month supply of quality fresh produce to our markets, giving us an important competitive advantage.

We have invested significantly in expanding and upgrading our farming assets and production capacity. We have also sourced highly efficient fruit production teams to manage and improve our farms. Agricultural practices are based on the latest scientific methods, while food safety and environmentally sustainable water usage are as important as high yield and top quality.

Capespan Farms
Table Grapes
Novo Packhouse


Key Statistics
3 Farms
570 HA
Established Orchards
1.8M cartons
Production Volume


Eastern Cape

Key Statistics
1 Farm
153 HA Established Orchards
300 000 Production Volume

Western Cape

Key Statistics
1 Farm
160 HA Established Orchards
260 000 Production Volume

Table Grapes

Northern Cape

Key Statistics
5 Farms
380 HA Established Vineyards
1.3 M cartons Current Production
1.5 M cartons Future Production

Namibian Grape Company

Key Statistics
1 Farms 4 Units
475 HA Established Vineyards
1.8M cartons Current Production
2.0M cartons Future Production

Novo Packhouse

Packhouse facility with a capability to handle a throughput of ± 100K bulk bins per season.

Key Statistics
1. 23 CA rooms with a total holding capacity of 26 000 bins and a stacking height of 11 bins
2. Includes tunnel cooling facilities, pallet holding rooms with loading room that offers three air-locked loading docks
3. 2 000 solar panels installed covering an are of around 4 000m² and with generation capacity of 550kVA
4. Internal sorting capabilities.

BRC Certificate
SIZA Certificate

Intelligent Farming

All Capespan Farms are integrated into a single management platform.

Through the turnkey technology our operations can be managed from anywhere in the world. We have complete trace-ability of our products from tree to consumer. The software provides a complete audit trail of all operational activities, can track value, costs and tasks back to orchard level.

Crop estimates and the measurement of pack outs per area, allows us to provide focused information to our marketing and sales teams to deliver on their promise to you – the customer.

Increasing and optimizing our yield is key to our success as commercial farmers

Capespan Farms - Intelligent Farming



When you bite into a delicious piece of CAPE fruit, do you ever wonder how it got all the way from a tiny bud in a field to the fruit bowl on your table? At CAPE, we pay attention to every detail of the journey our fruit takes, every step of the way. Here’s how we do it.


We search all over the world for all sorts of exceptional new varieties of fruit. The diversity of the CAPE range stretches over a vast number of different types of grapes, apples, pears and exotic fruit.


Our innovative and sustainable farming practices are based on the latest scientific methods. Food safety, environmental impact, and sustainable water usage are as important to us as top quality, great tasting fruit.


Our farmers know exactly when the fruit is ready to come off the vines and trees. We pick and sort it carefully to the highest standards. And, as soon as fruit is harvested, we lock in its flavor and freshness using state-of-the-art cold storage facilities.


Our world-class supply chain is part of an established global network, with more than 70 years’ experience. Thanks to this extraordinary expertise and capacity, we can find the shortest route from our vineyards and orchards to your shelves. As a result, CAPE always delivers unbeatable freshness and value.


CAPE fruit is a premium product, so you can find it in all the best grocery stores and supermarkets around the world. Like us, these shops have a passion for fresh produce and want to make sure you get to enjoy the full flavour and freshness of our amazing fruit.


We’re constantly striving to produce the best tasting fruit in the world for you, all the way from bud to bowl. But the ultimate test of this journey is how much you enjoy our fruit. So, next time you bite into a piece of CAPE fruit, we’d love to know what you think!