We partner with suppliers all over the world.

Capespan’s strong strategic partnerships provide our customers with a competitive advantages in product quality, supply security, cost-efficiency, supply chain management and transparency.

We source our products directly from production countries to the market and have dedicated QC and technical teams on the ground to ensure we deliver on our promise.

Supply Partners

Our Supply Offering

  • A proven solution with scale
  • Manage complexity
  • Grower finance
  • Expert production and technical services
  • Cost efficient with supply-based costs
  • Agile business approach
  • As direct as possible
  • Visibility and transparency of supply, retailer and supply chain costs

Supplier Partnerships


Volume sourced from South Africa


Volume sourced globally

  • Selected Partners from each region
  • Direct from source
  • NEW varieties
  • DEDICATED technical and QC team
  • Global Footprint

South Africa | Namibia

  • Export industry leader and owner of established product brands CAPE and OUTSPAN since the 1960’s.
  • Selected partners and own production in all key production areas.
  • Our supply base includes over 10 000 Ha of established orchards and vineyards.
  • Partnership agreement with the Namibian Government to manage 475 Ha grapes.


  • Involved in Peru for over 10 years.
  • 15 Large partnerships, many leading growers in the industry.
  • Working with many of the leading companies since their beginning.


  • Company created in 2013.
  • Supply international markets with grapes, apples, lemons, stone fruit and walnuts.
  • Over 20 years procurement experience working from the market with 50+ growers.


  • Over 15 years involvement in India.
  • Supplied by 15 growers.
  • More than 10% of shipments sold in Switzerland and Aldi North as Fair Trade.


  • First grape and citrus involvement in 2000.
  • Volume growth year on year.
  • 20+ Grower partnerships – some for 18 years.
  • 7 Premier grower partners packing for ALDI and Morrisons in the UK and BAMA Norway.
  • Supply conventional, organic and Fair Trade grapes to many Continental retailers.


  • Partnership with a family owned business established in the 1970’s.
  • Production of 250 Ha of seedless grapes located in Alicante.
  • Trial field for all breeding programmes
  • Investment in cold storage capacity, top seal machinery and MARCO punnet line.
  • Balance yields to produce maximum 35 tonnes per Ha to maximise fruit quality, produce bigger berries, better colour and higher sugars.

Exciting varieties

Our grower partners and own production offer access to sought after varieties for grapes, citrus and pome fruit.

Citrus Cultivars

Apple & Pear Cultivars

Grape Cultivars Orange River