Celebrating collaboration

Big Box Containers partnered with Capespan Blue Hand in 2014, providing a customised container for The Valley School in Durbanville to accommodate an extensive Early Childhood Literacy Development Programme, referred to as ‘Story Box’. It consists of Wordworks™ and Phonological Awareness intervention sessions with all learners from Grade R to grade 2, as well as mathematics and academic support tutoring sessions for Grade 4 to 6 learners. This container simultaneously serves as a hub training facility to support neighbouring schools with a similar programme. The Mandela Trust also has gifted a customised library container to the school, which is utilised and coordinated by Blue Hand Story Box volunteers. The Story Box project has expanded to such an extent that it has hosted community fundraising events for library books, coordinated shoe donations at Kenridge Primary School for all 220 Valley School learners, extensions to the house of a disabled learner and more.

Northern Cape Water is the source of life and thanks to Capespan Blue Hand’s three-year effort between 2014 and 2016, workers on all farms today enjoy crystal clear water from the new water purification systems. A few of these installations benefited from our association with the Waitrose Foundation.