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Capespan the company is a brand in its own right. As a corporate brand, its chief responsibility and reputation is that of marketing a number of high-profile consumer fresh fruit brands.

The essence of the Capespan brand is encapsulated in one simple word: FRESH. Capespan markets three of the world's most successful fruit brands: Cape, Outspan and Goldland. These three brands are the companies' flagship premium quality brands.

Global Brands

  • Cape brand logo


    CAPE, the deciduous brand, has become one of the world’s most reliable and respected brands. Only fruit of exceptional quality is permitted to bear the CAPE label.

    CAPE products are grown and sourced throughout the world and include apples, pears, grapes and stone fruit. The diversity of the CAPE range stretches over a vast number of cultivars and it represents constant high quality and excellent service.

  • Goldland brand logo


    GOLDLAND is one of the oldest and most recognised South African fruit brands and has become a preferred citrus brand in the Middle East and parts of the Far East.
    GOLDLAND represents excellence in both service and fruit quality.

  • Outspan brand logo


    OUTSPAN is more than 75 years old and represents great taste and quality. Only citrus fruit meeting the most exacting quality specifications are permitted to bear the OUTSPAN label.
    The OUTSPAN range includes oranges, grapefruit, lemons and easy peel citrus. This international citrus brand has become synonymous with premium quality citrus to generations of discerning fruit lovers all over the world.

  • SunChoice brand logo


    SunChoice is a premium brand for all commodities and positioned to compliment the Capespan’s brand portofolio. The brand represents high quality and good service.


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