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The overall objective of our business is to provide our customers with products and services of the correct standard, whilst meeting our obligations to provide safe and legal products at all times. Capespan is a GLOBALG.A.P member and sources from GLOBALG.A.P accredited sources.

Capespan is a Fairtrade licensee and is an AB member of Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. We are committed to the continuous improvement of ethical standards within the supply chain.

Importantly, our service provision partners hold a minimum of BRC accreditation for storage, handling and packing fresh produce, ensuring compliance with the globally recognised standard for Food Safety and Health and Safety.


Capespan aims to stay ahead on technical issues with a quality management system at level above that required by BRC.

We operate a comprehensive Quality Assurance programme from source to customer. Our technologists are present in the orchards and pack houses. Products are tested for MRLs before packing, further samples are drawn and tested by the Capespan technical team when the product arrives in the UK. All Capespan suppliers complete a Capespan Due-diligence pack and Food Safety declaration.

On arrival in the UK, incoming products are quality inspected on delivery to our BRC accredited packing operations. Product quality information is instantly reported through our IT enabled Quality Assurance system.


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