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  • With headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium, Capespan Continent delivers fresh products and service solutions to continental European customers.

We're a subsidiary of the global Capespan Group, with its headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa. With about 100 employees, our other offices are located in Hamburg, Paris, Vienna, and Zurich. Operating with our service providers from state-of-the-art warehousing and logistical facilities at maritime and hinterland terminals across Europe, every step of the operating process is computer-controlled. Special refrigerated cold stores have a 50 000-pallet capacity for direct deliveries throughout Europe. Our logistics partners take care of forwarding and customs clearing, plus processing requirements such as netting and bagging of fruit.


To exceed expectations from the increasingly diversified European consumers, we continue strengthening our position by developing new commercial varieties and devise innovative ideas on packaging and fresh fruit distribution. Therefore, comprehensive product development programmes involve both producer and international business partners. These programmes are already improving the range of sought-after varieties and exciting new cultivars.


New origins are continuously being integrated into Capespan’s portfolio. Confident about these important supply sources, we allow our brand names to be used on products that fulfill our quality specifications. The year-round offering includes deciduous, citrus and exotic fruit from production areas throughout the world.

Capespan Continent is particularly active in a number of developing economies where substantial export growth is predicted in coming years - countries such as China, Peru and India. Meanwhile, we also have an established network of high-quality, like-minded producer partners in traditional supply origins such as Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa and Egypt.

During production, Capespan's technical teams work extensively with producer partners. We also work with the technical staff of our major business partners to guarantee consistently top standards at retail level.


Our advanced systems allow us to access logistical, quality and traceability information of all fruit at any given time. And to service our customers, we’ve developed applications to support a variety of services: a data warehouse for information on product flow; a logistical traceability system to certify logistical efficiencies, food safety coverage, cost control and efficient selling; and a personalised extranet portal for our suppliers and customers.


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