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  • Marc Solomon

    BAgricultural Management, MBA) is a senior vice president and a Capespan North America shareholder. He joined the company at its inception in 2000 from South Africa. Marc splits his time between the office in Gloucester City, New Jersey and South Africa where he manages Capespan North America's interests along with his private farming operations. Apart from being a runner and nature lover, Marc is passionate about cricket.

  • Mark Greenberg

    (BA, MA, LLB) was appointed president and CEO of Capespan North America in 2012. He initially practiced business and corporate law after which he held a variety of international procurement positions. In 1995, he was appointed VP of procurement at what was then Fisher Capespan and 14 years later the function of chief operating officer was added to his portfolio. He’s based in Montreal, Canada. In his spare time, Mark does alpine skiing, runs, reads, cooks and plays golf.

  • Howard Freedman

    (BComm, Public Accountancy Dip) is the chief financial officer of Capespan North America. He obtained the designation of Certified General Accountant in 1994. Since joining the company in 2010, Howard also has taken over executive responsibility for the operations department. He began his career with five years at Ernst & Young and has held senior executive roles in finance prior to joining Capespan North America.

  • Paul Marier

    (BSc, MBA) is the senior vice-president of marketing and sales. He joined the company in 1981 as the marketing manager, eventually focusing heavily on procurement activities prior to assuming his current role. Paul previously worked as product manager in the consumer electronics industry.


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