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Our Team

  • Andrés Ramirez Galindo

    Andres Ramirez, holds the position of Import and Operations Director Europe and works in close collaboration with Global Procurement based in Beaconsfield, UK. The Benelux sales staff in Antwerp reports directly to Andres.

  • Simon Riedi

    Unit manager Simon Riedi joined Capespan in 2006 and is responsible for sales and managing the Swiss office. He previously was in charge of the fruit buying department at MIGROS Switzerland, one of Capespan’s biggest Swiss customers.

  • Christophe Odinot

    Unit manager Christophe Odinot manages the French office. He‘s been with Capespan since 1996 and gained significant experience in the fruit business in the past.

  • Michael Grünefeldt

    Unit Manager Michael Grünefeldt manages the German office. Michael has 20 years Key Account Management and Purchasing experience working for market leaders in the food industry. He joined Capespan in 2017.

  • Iggie Oberholster

    Finance & administration director Iggie Oberholster is a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and has been with Capespan since 1995. He has worked all over Europe, but moved to the Antwerp head office in 1998.

  • Cindy de Bleu

    HR manager Cindy de Bleu (MA) works from the Antwerp office and has been with Capespan since 2008. She previously gained experience at several US companies.

  • Tom Quets

    IT manager Tom Quets (MSc, MBA) joined Capespan Continent in 2003. He previously worked at Oracle Corporation as a senior business consultant and was project manager at various international companies.


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