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  • Stuart Symington

    Stuart Symington

    On 4 May 2015 Stuart Symington took over the reins as MD of Capespan South Africa. Symington's extensive fruit industry experience is well-suited to further develop and push Capespan South Africa's strategy by building strong alliances, growing the business and providing guidance and leadership.

  • Steve McVickers

    Steve McVickers

    joined Capespan UK as managing director in 2012. He has worked in the fresh produce industry since 1988, fulfilling a variety of roles in the UK and abroad. Based in Maidstone, Steve has extensive experience in both the fruit and salad categories. When time permits, his interests include reading, travel, theatre, sailing and photography.

  • Mark Greenberg

    Mark Greenberg

    was appointed president and CEO of Capespan North America in 2012. He initially practiced business and corporate law after which he joined FBI Foods. In 1995, he was appointed vice-president of procurement at Capespan North America and 14 years later the function of chief operating officer was added to his portfolio. Mark is based in Montreal, Canada. After hours, Mark does alpine skiing, runs, reads, cooks and enjoys a game of golf.

  • Geoff Green

    Geoff Green

    was appointed head of New Business Development in 2012. He joined Capespan in 1987 and was previously international procurement director, in addition to managing the UK’s Beaconsfield office. He has extensive technical knowledge of fruit and the fruit business

  • Andres Ramirez Galindo

    Andres Ramirez Galindo

    Andres Ramirez, holds the position of Import and Operations director Europe and works in close collaboration with Global Procurement based in Beaconsfield, UK. The Benelux sales staff in Antwerp reports directly to Andres.


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